Monday, February 10, 2014

Navigating - the Road Ahead & Life

I love to pour over maps, fingering the routes I'll take, peering into the maze if streets in the tiny towns along the way. By studying the layout of the land, how roads peter out to dirt trails at the edge of a town, where the wilderness areas extend into vast nothingness, I gain a familiarity that makes last minute decisions and end of the day choices easier. I'm more grounded and less intimidated when I arrive at new destinations.  I've imprinted in my visual brain a bird's eye view of the land over which I travel. I have a sense if where things are in relationship to each other and when I decide to veer off course, as I am wont to do, I can easily plot my way back because I still know where I am. Generally, I have a good sense of direction. 


SwankieWheels said...

You are having too much fun. I think you should come to Hawaii with me.

Hazel said...

60 something here, birder, Casita owner...inspired by your lifestyle, adventures, and art. Keep blogging!