Monday, December 9, 2013

Life on the Road- one month out

I made the leap in the great abyss of unknown and dumped 95% of my worldly possessions, stuck the rest in a 5x5 storage unit, and packed the little Honda Element with what I would need for a life of a gypsy. You would be surprised how much can fit into this little gypsy caravan, I sure was.
Under the board hide 3 large plastic storage containers for food to last at least a month, probably more like 2 or 3, and summer clothes and winter clothes. I could go for a month without doing laundry probably. The dog has his box for food and treats, and his favorite dog bed- so he knows when I set out the food and water bowls and put down his bed we are staying for a while. I have a single burner butane camp stove and fuel canisters to last a while, since I stock up at an Asian market in the city. I pack 3 tarps, a 5foot folding table and two chairs (never know when Iight get company and don't want to appear inhospitable), plus miscellaneous camping gear like rope, stakes, and bungee cords. I carry about 10 gallons of water and a small cooler that rarely gets used.
I also have a very stuffed backpack with art supplies like paints, pens, pastels, papers, watercolor crayons...we'll enough stuff for a decent mixed media art studios on the road. I also picked up a gallon of plaster for my art projects. So I can create away in the world's biggest art studio...the great outdoors!
 Last but not least is my portable 100 watt solar panel, an rv 12 volt battery, and 400 watt inverter for keeping me connected and entertained with an iPhone 4 (purchased used on Craigslist), a Kindle Fire (also purchased on CL), and my Cannon dslr camera, and an old laptop. 
My bed consists of LOTS of blankets because it does get cold in the desert. I have camping pads, a sleeping bag and fleece blanket that I sleep on top of and added 4 inches of foam the second month out. On top are 4 layers of down, and flannel and fleece, too. I have yet to be cold even with sub-freezing temperatures.

So that's how she rolls.

Stay tuned for my adventures.

Here's a Sneak peak...

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