Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Heading South - Plans for May's Trip

Heading South to Bisbee for Bisbee After 5. I love Bisbee. It is a funky, fun, historic artsy GLBTQ friendly town. I think I can get pretty far off the beaten track here and start my blog "Art Off the Beaten Track" with this great event. There is a lot of wilderness area surrounding this little old mining town. San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area . The Chiricahua Mountains are to the west with lots of wilderness area, as well. Google maps do not have a lot of information so I am going to make a point of photographing the area and documenting some details.

Since Bisbee is at a little over 5,500 feet elevation so it will be a little cooler than the Valley. The temperature could be in the 80's, maybe a little warmer, during the day and the evenings will be in the mid-50's, I expect. Nice sleeping weather.

Since I will be going into Bisbee for the Saturday Art event, I know I can get a good meal and fill up on water if I need. My plan is to leave mid-week to stake a site before the weekend. Since I have a small vehicle, I can get further back in remote camp sites, than larger rigs. However, I don't have a lot of ground clearance, so I am not really 4-wheeling it.

Well, back to my researching.

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