Thursday, April 4, 2013

Gelli Printing Obsession

Hey, I was featured on the

Gell Arts Facebook Page!

stamped with a handmade stamp using
clearance foam shapes stuck on a piece of
recycled cardboard
I am swamped with Gelli Prints. Warning: It is Addicting! Yesterday, I bought a pad of Vellum after reading about Art All Along - Alicia Bramlett's post on Facebook using mulberry paper and vellum. I love the sheerness of the prints on the vellum. This weekend I think I will head over to the Arizona Art Supply to see if they have any mulberry paper.

There are so many great blogs about Gelli Printing that I sometimes spend more time looking and 'researching' than I do working on my art (but most days it is pretty balanced.)

Here are some fun ones from artists that are posting on the Gelli arts page on Facebook.
Eleni Gratsia
Rhonda H.
Sena Covalt

And one of the best places to find all things
Gelli Printing Fun.
Used handmade stencils made cutting up cereal boxes
and punching holes in junk mail

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