Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Variations on a Theme

I am a Photoshop geek. 
Original Gelli Print
Just love all the things you can do with PS and I am always learning some new way to use it in my art. Today, I took one of my Gelli Prints and did 4 different filter treatments.

This is the original print. There are several pulls on here and I do not clean the plate so that I get a lot of the paint from previous inkings. I like that complex look. I do keep in mind color theory as I apply the layers of color.

Paint Daub filter
In Photoshop, I applied the filter for Paint Daubs. You can see more of the detail of the impressions I made in the plate.
Dry Brush filter

Next I applied the filter for Dry Brush. Here the colors are richer, more like the original but the white is more present and I like that contrast. I have never taken a art class, but I am learning through observation and research that white is a good thing. It give the eye a place to rest and focus. In photography, your eye is drawn to the lightest and brightest part of the image. So, while there is a lot of interesting things going on in the print with the colors, the white pulls your eye for a moment of calmness. At least, that is my interpretation of things.

Palette Knife filter
This image is modified with the Palette Knife filter and the image is much softer.

Sponge filter
The final filter I used was the Sponge. I like the texture this one has. With the Gelli Plate I can create unique artistic papers and then modify them with Photoshop and use in a multitude of ways. Stay tuned to see what I do next with these prints.

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