Monday, August 6, 2012

Finally on the mend from a nasty intestinal infection and rejoicing a last summer hurrah at the ART Unraveled mixed media retreat in Phoenix. Got into town Sunday and spent the day with my amazing new granddaughter and even more amazing daughter who is a really great loving mom. So wondrous to see the transformation of my little girl into a grown woman and loving mom.

I had a delightful surprise last night after getting settled at the hotel. I ran into a dear friend from my days in Silver City, New Mexico. What fun catching up and hearing about the workshops she was taking at the art retreat. Earlier in the evening, I met and chatted with a woman from Milwaukee who has been here for 10 days. Can you imagine! She was fascinating to talk to as she teaches senior citizens art. She has contracts with senior centers, assisted living companies, etc and does really cool and different types of art with these folks. Her oldest "student" is 106!


My workshop for today is learning to work with plaster, wax and encaustic technique. I have no idea what I will be doing- this is a whole new area for me, but I am very eager to find out. My philosophy is that as long as I can get my hands dirty, I will be happy. So here is to a happy day of Art-ing.

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