Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Calling Me

The waters are calling
              Slate blues of winter oceans
                        Spring rains on waves
                                       Sleepy sunsets across the seas

In my dreams I smell the salt air,
              feel the salty frosting on my skin

In the still of the desert 
              I hear the roar of North Coast ocean waves

My toes hunger for the feel of cold sand squished between them

I need to feel the wind of the sea on my face
               to breath the cold air that comes off the waters on quiet winter days

The desert has desiccated my soul
   I am only dry sand blowing away
   I am only brown curled leaves crumbling into dirt

My hunger is a thirst that can only be quenched by the dark waters
My heart beats out of tune searching for the rhythm of the waves
My fingers dig through the hot air seeking the icy waters of the North seas

I would trade this hot sun for those cool waters before the tea kettle comes to a boil

Next week I will load the car and set out
Searching for the white crested waters


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