Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Off to a Rollicking Good Start

This year started off with a major snow storm. We had white-out conditions (of which I got caught in and had to drive through), sub-freezing days, single digit nights and 14 days later, there is still snow on the ground.

I loved it! I 'had' to stay in for four days. Snow Day!!!! I played and putzed. I stayed in my sweats and slippers for days. Drank hot chocolate. And created a divine Goddess Figure for the Smooshers' Mythology Challenge.

This piece is inspired by Quan Yin, the Buddhist goddess of compassion. I added to more powers to her Life Energy; she is also the goddess of spiritual awakening, and a truth-sayer.

Last month I completed my 1st and 2nd levels for Reiki Healing. I accomplished a dream I have had for about 5 years. And many decades longer - knowing that I was a healer. I am disciplining myself to meditate more, to do more work on chakra cleansing and healing. And all of this energy gets channeled in to my work. I feel like I am really coming into being who I am meant to be.

So what did you do on your winter vacation?

For those wanting to fine tune their curing process. Here is a very informative link about curing your clay.

My next evolution will take place the beginning of February when I go to Tucson for the Beads, Gems & Minerals Shows. My main purpose of going there is to take workshops from some of the most talented Polymer Clay Artists around. I feel like a kid turned loose in FAO Schwartz. I will be learning to add resin components to my work, expanding my skills in making beautiful and detailed canes, and taking a workshop on How to be an AWESOME Teacher. So watch out folks, I am coming back juiced and ready to roll.

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