Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year, New Ideas, New Plans

Made it through the holiday season and am now on that much longed for downward dog pose. Translation: Reconnecting with what grounds me. I have already accomplished a very  important (and much longed for) resolution; I completed my 1st and 2nd Degrees in Reiki. I am working on making meditation a daily practice, working on being very mindfull, and balancing my Chakras.

As I connect with my living energies, it is a delicious wonderment to feel and see how my path leads me to where I need to be. An example, I have been working on plans to go to Tucson Gem and Mineral Shows in February. I started in October looking for lodging. The prices double  for this event. I looked on to see if there were any folks looking to rent out a spare room, for just a few days & that would be very reasonable. One woman responded &  said she might have a room for a short stay,but was hoping for a long-term stay; i.e. a Show vendor. She said that it might be a room "out back", no bathroom facilities, I could use the compost toilet. I wrote back and said that was fine, I had a compost toilet for my place in Hawaii. I did not hear back from her, and to tell the truth, I was pretty busy during November and December. Sooooo, Friday, I started thinking about the trip and how I might be able to find lodging, maybe I would find a place out of town and there for cheap enough for me to afford a couple of nights there.  Welllll, I get an e-mail from her on Saturday, she has a room available! It is one of the inside rooms. And it is reasonable, and available for as long as I want to stay. (There was another guy who had contacted her about the place, but I had first dibs). AND, she is an energy healer!!!  Thank you gods and goddesses, Universal Light and my guides and angels.

Everything works out the way it is supposed to. The thought came in to my head, and the solutions were manifested.

There are other stories like this that happen on a daily basis. I am learning to trust again the energies of my being.

In my heart, in my spiritual essence, I know that I am right where I need to be and it is an amazing powerful, harmonious, joyful, expanding place.

So I am going to Tucson, to meet an energy healer, to stay in her home, and then I am going to Gem & Mineral shows to find the healing stones that will become part of my art and part of my energy work. I will also be taking workshops with internationally known Polymer Clay artists. One of those workshops is with Christie Friesen, an amazing and fun artists and instructor.

As I move into my fullness as an artist and instructor, I know this is why I am were I am, and it is the absolutely right place.

A few years ago, I cam across a Polymer Clay artists that had worked out the color recipes from the primary colors of Premo. I could not remember her name or find a link to her....then last night, I found her again...her avatar name is tooaquarius. Link to wonderful Blog and Color Recipes.

Every day is filled with surprises and gifts from the universal light.

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