Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Joie de vivre

Bold & Beautiful
Joie de vivre ~ the joy of living; an exultation of spirit. A joy of everything, a comprehensive joy involves one's whole being. Zest for life!

That feels like a definition of me as an artist. In my way of thinking, true artists must have 'joie de vivre'; that is your passion, your addiction, your meaning for living. I know it is for me.  When I am in my creative zone, I am in that space of exultation of spirit. All of the old tapes that anchor you to that 'stone around your neck' are released. You have soared past the 'not good enough', the 'is that it?', all the other critical and self-doubting murmurs and you have arrived! You are in that reality that is a comprehensive joy involving your whole being. That is the place our art takes us to.

There are some doorway I knock on to begin my journey to joy. Polymer Clay Daily is on my daily route, along with my Facebook Family, and now I have been welcomed into the Smooshers of ArtFire. Even though I may never meet face to face many of my Art Clan, I know they are there, traveling along the same paths, guiding the way to a higher perch, pointing out new territory.  May each day be filled with Joie de vivre!

Have you met Desert Rubble? She is impassioned with her Fantasy Steam Punk Art. You can recognize someone who lives their life with joy - they are creating outside the lines. Joyous Creativity takes you beyond the worn paths to places where creativity sings and dances.

Bold Street's Birthday is today. "Boldness" shouts out Bold Street's work. Bold enough to take down conformity. Bold Street has a style that is all her own. Her style is strong and harmonious. I really like how the artist uses texture as a foil to the almost monochromatic color palette. .

Into the Dawn describes herself as addicted to polymer clay, tarot enthusiast, voracious reader, avid crocheter, wanna-be herb gardener. With her quote from Leonard da Vinci, "Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art," you know she has a lot of ZEST. This is one of my favorites.

Live with joie de vivre!


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Great post. Your selections are awesome.

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