Thursday, September 23, 2010

Creating with Polymer Clay Course Outline

Creating with Polymer Clay Course Outline

  1. Learn about the properties of polymer clay, tools, and safety.

  1. Experiment with color mixing, and how to make some basic canes that are the foundation for complex canes.  You will learn to combine these basic canes into more complex designs such as Kaleidoscope Cane.

  1. Learn to make a Mokume Gane block using thin sheets of clay that are stacked into a block and then impressed with various tools.

  1. Use different texture and surface treatments to create dimension and interest for your clay art.

  1. Explore creating faux stones with organic embellishments and inclusions.

Students will share canes to create a sampler of designs for future use. 

Class projects:

  1. Bead that can be used for a key chain, a fan pull, or included in a jewelry piece

  1. Use a recycled jar or bottle, cover with clay designs to make a pen & pencil holder, a vase, or a tools container, and covering tool handles.

  1. Make a veneer from the Mokume Gane to cover a light switch plate, or salt and pepper holders.
  1. Cover a journal, flowerpot, or object of your choice with stamped and textured surface designs.

  1. Create “stones” for paperweights or desk adornments, or object of your choice, using faux techniques and recipes.

  1. The final project will be making a mask using all the techniques you have learned.  There will be a “Student” Exhibition and Reception where friends and family members can come to view your creations.

All the tools and some supplies you need will be provided, including clay, pasta machines, work surfaces, blades, and other tools.  During class, you will have access to the instructor's extensive collection of texture sheets, shape cutters, tools and other supplies.  In addition, you will receive handouts containing the information covered in class, helpful hints, and online resources.

The materials kit will include clay, cornstarch for a release agent, index cards used to ID your work during the curing process, sandpaper, a piece of denim for buffing, baby wipes, a work surface, sandwich paper for smoothing edges and clay surfaces, a roller, and bamboo skewers.

About the Instructor

Ilese Levitt has been working with polymer clay for about 7 years, first starting out with making holiday decorations for friends and family.  The wonderful ranges of colors that can be created and combined have captured the imaginative mind of Ilese.

Over the years, Ilese has been a photographer with shows in Phoenix, Maine and New Hampshire.  Dabbled in weaving on a floor loom and a table loom, knitting and crocheting scarves and hats for everyone she could think of (the colors of yarn at Yada Yada Yarns are just so delicious), and received her Master Gardener Certification in Maine, just prior to moving to Phoenix to care for her father.  So, what do all these adventures have in common?  Color!!! Color has so many layers of meaning and influence.  Ilese incorporates Feng Shui elements, Chakra colors, and colors as inspired by Nature into her Clay Creations.

She is a member of the International Polymer Clay Association, President of San Vicente Artists of Silver City guild, and currently shows her clay art at Silver Spirit Gallery.

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