Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Canes To the Max

Our 2nd class will focus on making and mixing canes. As we learned in the first session, canes can be a basic design, such as jelly roll canes or bull's eye canes. And we experimented a little by combining canes, leading us into making more complex canes.

I hope you have checked some of the links I posted that show some very wonderful cane designs. These examples of canes look so complex, but they are basically building on the Skinner Blend Jelly Roll cane. The Skinner Blend and other techniques of combining different clay colors is the focus of our upcoming class.

We will start with creating our own custom colors using the primary colors, white, black and ecru. Be thinking about your color palette; are you drawn to warm colors based on red and yellow, or cooler colors based on blues?

We will learn to use the Pasta Machine to help us condition the clay, create our color palette, and make Skinner Blends.

So what do you do with all these blends and canes? Bring some items from your home to cover. Examples, Wine, Martini or other glass with a base. You can make that glass really unique and special. Think making a pair for a holiday , anniversary or wedding present. Bring a plain light switch plate to decorate with your canes. How about a candle votive,  or a cleaned metal can be transformed into a special container for your pens & pencils, kitchen utensils, or clay tools. I have covered picture frames, journal covers, clear glass dishes or vases.

Follow the link below to see more examples of canes.

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