Sunday, August 29, 2010

To the Moon and Back

It's the end of August and Autumn is just around the corner and my last post was in April. So it is a time filled with A's. This leg of my journey, through the spring and into summer (which seemed to be here and gone in the blink of an eye) was filled with lots of twists and turns as the plot thickened.

My search for a "forever home" was almost rewarded. So close. I was there, and then it slipped away. All through this time, my art work grew and blossomed. I am happily entrenched in a gallery now, and feeling secure enough to even venture out to some other galleries in the region.

The Silver Spirit Gallery ( is a nice home for many of my pieces, ranging from some really beautiful jewelry pieces I can hardly believe I created, to several clay decorated jacket hooks, to some really run "Flower Power" magnets. As the world beyond my garden gate became more and more tumultuous, I wandered off to my fantasy land, creating these amazing goddesses. You can see some at These goddesses watched over me, and provided many hours of amusement and surprise. Playing a riff on Lizard Tails, I created Wizard Tales. "There is a surprise in every box!"

With autumn knocking on my door, I am coordinating the San Vicente Artists of Silver City's Labors of Love annual Labor Day Original Art & Fine Craft Fair. "And while your at it, how about being the interim president of San Vicente?" Gulp, Gasp. "Sure!" Like the Queen said, "Be careful what you wish for, 'cause you just might get it." I did move to Silver City hoping to get involved in the art community. And, yep, I am involved.

Next month I start teaching my course "Creating With Polymer Clay" through the Western Institute of Life Long Learning. Teaching is a wonderful way to push yourself to be better in your own craft. I am eager to share the joys of claying with Polymer Clay. I am hoping I will kindle the flame under some creative souls and be able to start a clay guild in Southwestern New Mexico.
So stay tuned for the next pit stop in this crazy, creative claying soul.

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