Friday, April 9, 2010

The Hedgehog in me

Yes, I suspect that I morphed into a hedgehog during the past few months. Now with the warming sunny days, I am coming out of hibernation. Not that I was sleeping all the time over the winter months, but I did move inward and often spent whole days in bed, under layers of blankets, contemplating the meaning of life and more. During the months of the darkest nights there were dark days too, when my life seemed to be heading into a permanent dark hole. I do believe there is some advantage of an early departure, so that your final memories are not woven of dreary, torn shreds of fabric, but still glimmer with the threads of a life lived fully, if not always sanely.

"Consistency is only a paste jewel that cheap [wo]men cherish." – William Allen White

No one can say that I have collected "paste jewels."

So now the ever-returning spring is here and the long nights have dissolved. Again, I am swept up the creation of my Garden Divas, Sprites and Angels. I am gathering more confidence as my work evolves; adding more elements of paper, metal and stones. With the awakening of the earth spirits, I feel the awakening of a true artist in me, one that more easily thinks outside the box and is more comfortable with experimentation. As with the hedgehog, I trundle off to dig up some juicy tidbit hiding in the back garden.

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