Friday, August 7, 2009

Sunny Saturdays

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I love Saturdays. I start off at the Artists' Market next to Western Stationers on Bullard Street saying hi to my friends and checking out the new walking sticks that Michelle has carved during the week. I love the feel of the drift wood pieces she uses. The I head over to the Farmer's Market and treat myself to an empanada filled with fresh spinach and feta cheese. I fill my bag with gems from people's garden, day dreaming about the luscious dishes I will create at the B&B for the guests' breakfasts. Then I stop in to say hi to Karen at the Bead or Two and maybe I get another treat for myself there - a new bead to use with my clay art, or I just look, like a child in a toy store fantasizing about what I would do if I could spend all my money on that trinket or this bauble. Oh, Saturdays are so much fun.

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