Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Coming Back

OK - what a past few weeks. I feel like health issues might just be dissolving away like the morning fog. About time! Am feeling much better than I have in about a month. Had a wonderful Bar-B-Q with daughter and her BF last night. Made yummy turkey burgers stuffed with smoked gouda and embellished with delish sauce. Roasted corn by soaking in water for 30 min, was not real pleased with the outcome - No Roasted flavor, but very sweet and tender. Am planning to make Roasted Corn and Black Bean salad with chickpeas and mango and red peppers (from Food Network show) today.

Just finished giving pup a thorough summer trim and bath, he is now curled up on couch sleeping it off. Have to give the bathtub a major scrub down after dog bath. Afternoon reward is a sit with the sketch book to design out a new project. Have been really getting into blogging and thinking about more online marketing at Etsy and Art Fire. Have so many pieces that just need good photos - so another project to set up little photo space on cluttered table. Ugh, me and my clutter.

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