Friday, January 16, 2009

Tucson Bead Show

Wow. I am so excited. I have been planning this trip for 3 years. Last year my dad passed away in Feb. (I still miss him terribly.) I am signed up for a full day workshop with Julie Picarello sponsored by the Tucson Polymer Clay Guild. I love her work. I have the sites selected and google mapped so I can maximize my time and get as much in as possible. Hopefully, 3 shows each day. Last piece to fall into place will be lodging. Checked out Purple Roofs for and the place that is first choice, Milagros, is way out of town. It looks really nice, but just not convenient for this trip. Posted in Tucson Craig's List under Artists, AZLEZ list, and Polymer Clay Group for local lodging. Really hoping I can "Go Local" and support our community (artist, GLBT, Polymer Clay - any one will do) and not the chains. I also love the idea of "going Local" and the serendipity of the experience. Have always had wonderful times when I put my self out there. And I have been so in hibernation mode lately. I know I should be lovin' the winter in Phoenix, hearing how frigid it is in the Northeast and Northern Midwest. I could have been in either of those places, and been really in hibernation. Count my blessings. Life is Good. Ok, now revved up enough to clean house. Ugh.

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