Thursday, October 9, 2008


Me: Dear Higher Power within Me, forgive my transgressions, ill and mean spirited thoughts, gossip, little lies, big lies, all of it. Please wipe my slate clean for a sweet new year.

High Power within Me: Is that all that you are asking forgiveness for? Think a bit, maybe there is more? Did you curse at anyone this past year? Did you take something that did not belong to you? Did you make a promise you did not keep? Did you worship false idols?

Me: Hey, where did that false idols thing come from?

Higher Power: Oops, got my centuries mixed up. With all this 'world falling to pieces' confused whether we are in the dark ages, the Fall of the Roman Empire or the Post Industrial Age.

Me: Yeah, it does get confusing. So, Higher Power, if I search out every wronged person, ask their forgiveness and even ask it of those I may not have wronged, will you bring a sweeter new year? I mean, life is pretty sour right now. Feel like we all got a bushel of lemons and are well past the lemonade stage.

Higher Power: Hmmm, let's check out the Food Network and find a new recipe.

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